Bencore Black Ventec Tactical Goggle – Life-Time Warranty


(as of 08/22/2017 at 01:02 UTC)

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The Lenses are Specially Designed Poly Carbonate Lenses. Not All Poly Carbonate lenses are shatterproof, Which is why Bencore Quality Control Team had these Goggles tested by the US Dept. of Food Drug and Cosmetics Assuring the product is both Shatter Proof and to full standards of UV 400. The product also features a Padded Frame so it wont hurt your eyes or face from excessive use or shock. The goggles also feature a 1″ Adjustable & Stretchable strap to ensure a proper fit at all times that will not slide or slip. The lenses are Smoke Grey, Polycarbon Lightweight Heavy Duty lenses, They are coated with anti Scratch so as not to harm vision even after repeated strikes by paintballs or other airsoft weapons. This product also features a unique Anti-Fog Lens, to ensure 100% visibility in almost any Climate


  • Lightweight Heavy Duty Padded Frame – 1” Adjustable & Stretchable Strap
  • Anti-Fog – Lenses are coated with a special Anti – Fog Lens that will not fade 100% visibility in almost any Climate
  • UV 400 PROTECTION – Gauraunteed and Tested for UV 400 Protection by the US Department of Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetics
  • Smoke Gray Shatterproof Poly Carbonate Lens, Coated with Anti Scratch & Anti-Fog