Rap4 Less Lethal Pepper Filled Balls – Tube of 10


(as of 08/21/2017 at 19:13 UTC)

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PAVA Less Lethal Live Rounds are delivered on-target by a high pressure system with enough kinetic force to get the suspect’s attention, unleashing a cloud of Capsaicin II powder into the face (eyes, nose and throat) of the aggressor. The irritant incapacitates them by powerfully stinging their eyes, causing non-fatal breathing difficulties, and creating other extreme but temporary discomfort.

Live Rounds are PROHIBITED in California, Delaware, Minnesota, Washington DC and Wisconsin to civilians.

In New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, Civilians must purchase through an authorized dealer.

Law enforcement, Correctional, Security and Military agencies please contact sales for purchasing information.

  • .68 Caliber, Less Lethal, Self Defense